Too much of a co-incidence for '?' and 'The Unwanted'?

Two Hindi films based on the same subject seem all set to release within a few days of each other

Coincidences are commonplace in Bollywood. But this one almost takes the cake. Two films with the exact same plot are all set to release just weeks away from each other. Percept's film ? and a movie named The Unwanted by Bonn creative cinemas have theĀ  same storyline in their posters, and even the posters don't look too different from each other.

Both the films are based on a bunch of college kids who head towards a forest to shoot a project film and never return. In fact the films' taglines match too. Says director of The Unwanted Jitendra Kheterpal, "I was very surprised to see the posters of ? and what the film claims to be. It does sound exactly like my film, but I'm sure the plotline will be quite different."

Strangely, this film was initially called The Untitled, which is now being used as the term to refer to Percept's film. Adds Kheterpal, "When I read about their film, I brought it up with the CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes' Association) only so that everyone is in the loop."

Both the films were conceptualised in 2010 and the shooting was completed in 2011. However The Unwanted launched their website 15 days before the publicity for ? began. Says producer Shailendra Singh, "I think we are just happy trying to release our film." ? will release on February 14 while The Unwanted will release in March.

Did you know?
Both the films seem inspired from the cult thriller The Blair Witch Project as reported in HitList on February 6.

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