Top 30 technological innovations we can't live without

London: The washing machine, iPad and the humble toaster have been named among the top 30 products that have changed our lives.

Internet was listed among ‘top 30 life-changers’. Representation pic/Thinkstock

A study among 2,000 adults also found that we consider broadband, microwaves and emails worthy of a place in the hall of fame.

Catch up TV, getting a dishwasher, and switching to an electric toothbrush also made the list, and so did spectacles, satellite navigation and Facebook.

The results also showed that six in ten Britons feel they are slow to get the latest technology, and a third will only buy new appliances if the old ones are broken.

Many also claim to have changed their partner more often than they had changed some appliances.

Top 30 items 
1. Broadband
2. The Internet
3. Washing machine
4. Email
5. Fridge
6. Freezer
7. Microwave
8. Dishwasher
9. Kettle
10. Satellite TV
11. Double glazed windows
12. Glasses
13. iPad
14. Catch up TV
15. iPhone
16. Satnav
17. Facebook
18. Printer
19. Tumble dryer
20. Toaster
21. Kindle
22. Hair straighteners
23. Contact lenses
24. Electric toothbrush
25. HD TV
26. Coffee machine
27. Digital radio
28. Air conditioning
29. Electric razor
30. BlackBerry



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