Top French cop 'organised escorts for DSK'

Inquiry into underage prostitution claims against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn reveals police chief Jean-Christophe Lagarde flew out prostitutes for him

A police chief who hoped to guard Dominique Strauss-Kahn if he became President of France organised an orgy with him in a Paris hotel, a police report claims.

The senior officer is also said to have accompanied prostitutes to New York to meet up with Strauss-Kahn when he was in charge of the International Monetary Fund.

Hitting back: Dominique Strauss-Kahn refuted claims of Jean-Christophe
Lagarde (above) providing him with underage prostitutes and said that
he wanted to end the 'dangerous and malicious' allegations. pic/afp

The well-sourced allegations about Jean-Christophe Lagarde are not only deeply embarrassing for Strauss-Kahn, but point to wide-scale corruption at the heart of French political life.

They emerged during an inquiry into an underage prostitute racket in northern France which has already seen five men, including a lawyer and businessman, arrested. French judges are aware that Lagarde, a commissioner in France's national police force, had discussed setting up a protection unit for Strauss-Kahn if he became President of France.

But a prostitute has also told them that the pair organised an orgy in the spring of 2010 'in a duplex suite of a luxury Paris hotel', according to a French newspaper.

The paper, which has seen inquiry documents, said that Lagarde also accompanied prostitutes to New York, where Straus Kahn was working as IMF chief.

At least two prostitutes have claimed that Kahn was one of their clients.

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