Total lunar eclipse on October 8

Indore: The earth will completely cover the moon during a total lunar eclipse which will occur on October 8.

"The total lunar eclipse will begin at 02:44:05 afternoon and end at 06:04:07 in the evening on October 8," Ujjain's
Jiwaji Observatory Superintendent Dr Rajendra Prakash Gupt told PTI today.

"This celestial activity involving the trio of sun, earth and moon will last for nearly 3 hours and 20 minutes," he said.

"During the period, the moon will be completely shadowed by earth for nearly 23 minutes when the eclipse will reach at its peak," he said.

The celestial activity is likely to be visible the best in North-East's Dibrugarh, Imphal and Kohima towns where moon rises earlier than other parts of the country, Gupt said.

This will be the second and last lunar eclipse of this year. The first one occurred on April 15, he said.

Total lunar eclipse occurs when earth comes in between the sun and moon and completely shadows the latter.

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