Tough to keep in shape

If you're envious of her figure, let us tell you that it's taken her 10 years of strenuous exercising and healthy eating to get that shape. But Gauhar Khan believes that getting into shape is no rocket science. The model who follows a disciplined workout shares her fitness secrets with CS:

Dumbbell drill
Fitness is like a tripod stand that stays in balance with good food, exercise and sleep. I combine my workout with cardio and weight training. I think circuit-training produces great results. My whole body feels rejuvenated when I do dumbbell exercises for my shoulder. For my back, I like doing one-arm dumbbell rows and bentover rows for legs. Squats and crunches also form an important part of my workout.

Variety is the spice
I believe in varying my exercises because I don't want my body to get used to a certain regime.  The shock element is always good. I think I have been working out for the past 10 years and so I've been able to sustain the results. After all, you aren't born with a good body? Having said that, sculpting a good figure isn't hard at all, maintaining it is tough.

On my plate
When it comes to nutrition, I believe in old saying, 'You are what you eat'. I follow a low carb diet, which means that I go slow on roti, bread and rice. I stick to a good amount of protein. I love chicken, but I also make it a point to incorporate sufficient lentils, vegetables and oats in my diet.

Mind over matter
Mind and body are two sides of the same coin. You start feeling good when your fitness improves. I believe that physical fitness helps you in every aspect of your life. As and when you workout, and get a better body, your self-esteem and confidence also starts growing. This brings positivity in your career and interpersonal relationships.

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