As Maharashtra continues to reel under severe drought, a number of stories -- ranging from the utterly tragic to ones filled with hope -- have been emerging. A look at some that have grabbed headlines

6-year-old dies after falling into borewell: A six-year-old boy lost his life on May 1, remaining stuck for over 31 hours in an abandoned borewell in drought-affected Shirur, a Pune taluka. The 200-foot borewell was dug to search for water, but was not filled. Rampant digging of borewells has been reported all across Maharashtra, which is reeling under an intense water crisis, with drought looming large in many parts of the state. (Read more)

12-year-old girl dies of heat stroke while fetching water: A 12-year-old girl died of a heat stroke on April 19 in drought-hit area of Maharashtra’s Beed district. (Read more) Just a couple of days later, a 11-year-old boy died while fetching water from a well in drought-hit Beed district of Marathwada. (Read Story)

Drought-hit villagers left to survive on muddy water in Nagpur: With the taps, and even the wells running dry, residents of several drought-hit villages in Maharashtra toil hard to meet their water needs. In Degma village, the condition of villagers is particularly bad as they are forced to drink muddy water. (Watch Video)

Seven out of 11 dams have no water left in them: As per official figures released some days back, out of 11 major irrigation dams in the drought-hit Maharashtra, seven have no water left in them. (Read more)

Driven out of homes by drought, migrants find a lifeline in Mumbai: Hoping to put their lives back together, over 500 of them have taken refuge at a temporary camp set up in Thane; 160 other families are in Ghatkopar. (Read more)

BMC ropes in drought-hit farmers for nullah cleaning: Thousands from drought-hit Marathwada are doing menial jobs in Mumbai as civic body tries to help them with whatever work can be found in the city. (Read more)

Marathwada graduates settle for odd jobs in Pune: Highly qualified youths from drought-hit Marathwada are migrating to cities like Pune in search of jobs to send some money to their families. (Read more)

Mumbai eateries using half-filled water glasses, tissues to beat drought: Struggling with severe water scarcity, symptomatic of the rest of Maharashtra, restaurants in Mumbai adopt half-filled water glasses, paper napkins for patrons to clean up after meals among other measures. (Read more)

Mumbai cops to the rescue of 250 drought-hit families: When anti-social elements began extorting from farmers living in a Ghatkopar ground recently, the police drove them away and sent 2 tankers of water. Soon, the floodgates opened, and political parties joined in, sending free water and food. (Read more)

Mumbai school kids pool in Rs 20 lakh for drought-hit people: Moved by the plight of drought-hit people in Marathwada region of Maharashtra, students of a school in south Mumbai have pooled in Rs 20 lakh as their contribution towards providing succour. (Read more)