TRAGIC: Female skydiver attempting world record dies due to 'malfunctioning' parachute

Apr 04, 2014, 12:33 IST | ANI

Washington: A female German skydiver had reportedly plunged to her death while participating in a 222-person jump in Arizona when her main parachute malfunctioned.

46-year-old Diana Paris of Berlin was taking part in a world-record attempt for most skydivers changing from one formation to another in a one jump, according to the jump''s organizing group, World Team.

Skydiving representational pic
Representational Pic

According to CNN, the group, which called itself a ''highly killed international team of skydivers and support personnel'' on its Facebook page, said that Paris'' main parachute was released too low to the ground for the reserve chute to work, adding that the fatal accident was not related to the size of the group and no other skydiver was involved.

However, the group said that they would now go ahead with a 221-person attempt instead and will continue to hold the slot open in the skydiver's honour, adding that it is a difficult decision to continue with the record attempt.

Diana Paris had more than 1,500 jumps, her husband told police, the report added.

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