Train services disrupted due to cancellation, technical failure

Mumbai: Continuous cancellations of two local trains at Mumbra station resulted in disruption earlier this morning. At the same time there was technical failure on tracks between Borivali and Dahisar, thus resulting in disruption in train movement.

The only saviour in both cases were that Gudi Padwa being a public holiday, it didn’t affect many commuters, which otherwise is seen on a regular Monday morning.

At around 8.45 am as crowds surged at the platforms waiting for trains to arrive, there were announcements of trains being cancelled especially those going towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). Soon after people got angry over this issue and came down on the tracks to protest.

The Central Railway officials claimed that they started coming down on tracks and threatened to stop movement of trains. Soon after the RPF policemen came and calmed the situation asking the people to get back to the platforms.

“There have been frequent cancellations of train services over the past one week especially during peak hours. Its repercussions were seen today morning,” said a rail activist, N Sayyed.

”Today being a public holiday, there are lesser trains and so announcements of cancellations were made,” said AK Singh, spokesperson, Central Railway.

The situation came to normal by around 9.15 am and train operations were restored.

Meanwhile, on the Western line too the train services were disrupted. At the Borivali station, just as the train was entering from Dahisar, some technical problem on the tracks resulted in the stoppage of services. Sources said that at around 11am there was a point failure - the technical object that allows switchover from one track to the other - thus resulting in stoppage of train movement.

”The problem was rectified at 11.20 am but two trains were stuck one behind the other while other trains were diverted,” said S Singh, spokesperson, Western Railway. This however, caused inconvenience to people as many got down from train and were walking on the tracks. The trains were running slow even till noon time.

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