Train services hit due to first drizzles in Mumbai

May 26, 2016, 07:25 IST | Shashank Rao

As the first serious drizzles hit Mumbai, the train services on both Central and Western railways collapsed. Amongst the two, CR was in severe trouble especially during evening peak hours.

All local train services came to a standstill on various locations along the CR route. The problem began at around 8.15 pm when the overhead wire on the section between Sion and Matunga could not hold the power due to which the wire saw sparks and trains had to be shut down on the slow line. This happened when the drizzles fell on the wires carrying 25000-volt.

After the problem was rectified the train headed towards Dadar but the wire showed another 6-7 sparks and the motorman finally brought the train to a complete halt. The commuters claimed that spark was such that the flash was witnessed by commuters inside.

Just when this problem was taken care of a signal cabin at Vikhroli gave away. It suffered technical problem as it could not relay to the signals. Sources said that the signals on all six lines - slow, fast and long distance ones - was affected due to this.

The disruption lasted from 8.15 pm to 9.30 pm, thus completely paralysing the CR as trains halted one behind the other. The authorities also had to clamp the 'points' that control the crossovers that is used for changing tracks so as to allow trains to pass.

CR public relations officer A K Singh said: "There were problems at different places, partly due to rains as well". Near Airoli there was a unit failure wherein the train got stranded. The commuters also complained that there was priblem near Mumbra after which trains stopped inside Parsik tunnel.

At Mahim too trains were affected at around 8.10pm that lasted for 30 mins during which Harbour line was affected. Trains were delayed by at least 40 minutes even after the services were resumed.

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