Trainee nurse found hanging in hostel

A 20-year-old trainee nurse in Guru Tegh Bahadur hospital was found hanging from the ceiling of her room in the girl's hostel, police said Friday.

Vineeta Chauhan, a resident of New Ashok Nagar area of east Delhi, was in the third year of the nurse training course. She was found hanging in her hostel room by her roommate shortly after midnight.

"We got a PCR call at around 1.55 a.m. Chauhan's roommate went to the room at around 12.15 a.m. and found the door locked from inside. She knocked on the door and when there was no response, she called the other girls and the warden of the hostel. Later, a guard went inside the room through a window and found the girl hanging," said Investigating Officer M. Rajid Khan.

A suicide note to her father, who works in the union home ministry, has been recovered. It says he should have taken her back as she did not wish to stay in the hostel. The note also mentions the names of three boys, the police official said.

"For one of the boys, she wrote missing you, while she has suggested to the other two to do the nursing course," he added.

However, she has not blamed anyone for her death and has also apologised to her parents for ending her life.

Police said the incident must have taken place before midnight.

"Chauhan's roommate had been in another room since 10.15 p.m., chatting with her friends. The incident came to light when she returned," official added.

The other girls in the hostel described Chauhan as a quiet girl who kept to herself.

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