Transport staff on strike, classes come to standstill at DPS

Sep 20, 2011, 08:37 IST | Alifiya Khan
Problems between agency plying school buses and its workforce compel management to stop classes
The parents of students studying in Mohammadwadi's Delhi Public School are a worried lot. Since Septemeber 15, the school has shut down classes from nursery to Std III after the transport staff went on strike owing to problems with the agency plying school buses.

Tension in the air: Parents have been making rounds of the school
since the shutdown. File pic

The management told parents the problems had started a few months ago, and the agency was trying to resolve it with the help of school. "We were told by the school not to send our kids on Thursday and Friday. After that, we were called and told not to send our kids later as well and that on daily basis they would update circulars," said an irate parent of a child studying in Std 1. "Why were we not consulted earlier, and why do they have to shut down the school?"

Exams for students from Std IV to Std VII were also cancelled on Thursday. "My daughter doesn't even go to school by bus; Why should she suffer? How does it matter to us? The school should have told parents to drop their kids to school. Instead, they have put up worksheets on their website so that kids have activities to do at home," said another parent. Despite repeated calls and text messages, Principal Neelam Chakravarty did not respond to queries on this issue.

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