Travel: Trip and trail in Lonavala

  Do you get an adrenaline rush from bungee jumping or trekking up a mountain?

Then, head to the Lonavala Adventure Festival 2015, this weekend. Organised by Flybolt Adventures, the festival will take place at Dudhiware village, located 8 km away from Lonavala city.

You can take part in numerous adventure activities such as waterfall rappelling, mountain climbing, trekking, flying fox and many mud activities too.

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Plus, you also get to camp under the stars and enjoy a bonfire. A live performance by Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café is also in store.

The travel agency offers three types of packages — regular, adventure special and VIP — with access to different facilities and activities. However, each provides transportation from Lonavala station till the festival area.

Time: 7 am onwards FROM September 12 to September 13 
At: Dudhiware Village (8 km form Lonavala), Dudhiware Khind, Apati, Maval, Pune.
For tickets, 
log on to: 
Cost: Rs 1,800 (regular), Rs 2,500 (adventure special), Rs 3,500 (VIP)

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