Miniature show A doll’s house version of how tennis was played in the early ages. Pics/ Fiona Fernandez

When in Rome... A Romanesque interpretation of tennis if it were to be played by the gods of then

Wheel of change This slow-moving display showcases the evolution of the tennis racquet

He meant it Pete Sampras’ famous quote about Wimbledon

What the 1st champ said
Wimbledon-born Spencer Gore was 27-years-old when he won the title. He preferred cricket and predicted that lawn tennis wouldn’t catch on!

Green tribute The humble lawn mower is given a special place of honour

Holy smokes!
Wimbledon’s popularity led to a special railway halt for the convenience of ticket holders. But proximity to the railway had its drawbacks. Players and spectators complained about their clothes being soiled by smoke from the engines. Sometimes the smoke was so thick that play could not be seen

Dress it up for sw19!
Couture on court Displays show early attire worn during an early version of tennis, called battledore and shuttlecock, and (below) styles from a century later