Tree smashed by Tiger Woods' car before sex scandal broke chopped!

Sep 06, 2011, 12:24 IST | ANI

The tree, which Tiger Woods rammed into in 2009 following which his series of flings came to the limelight, has reportedly been cut down

Some new neighbours have reportedly moved in and decided to remodel the area by chopping the historic oak down as a part of the process.

In fact the tree, instead of being cut down entirely, was simply incinerated to avoid followers of the sporting scandal, reports the Daily Mail.

According to, sources at the construction company hired to carry out the act revealed that a porta-potty now stands in its place.

The car crash outside Woods' Florida home almost two years ago unleashed the sex scandal that cost him his marriage.

He had admitted to a string of affairs with as many as 14 women coming forward to claim they had slept with him.

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