New Delhi: Look what's trending! Interestingly Indians have come up with something unique despite of their mid-week office tensions and are trending hashtag #ThingsThatUniteIndians on social networking site Twitter.

With this hashtag, Indians are pointing out things that bring the nation together such as free samples at shopping mall, 50 per cent off sale and India vs Pakistan cricket match.

twitterTwitter on a smartphone. Photo: AFP

While many took this in a fun way, a user gave the topic a serious thought and tweeted, 'Religious bigotry, misogyny, treating cricket as war and casteism are the #ThingsThatUniteIndians.'

Few things that were posted multiple times that unite Indians were: speaking against CM Arvind Kejriwal, meeting an Indian in another country, cribbing over politicians and trolling anti Narendra Modi posts on social networking sites.