Catch riveting performances by Classical Indian musicians at the event, titled Chintamani Jayanti Samaroh that will celebrate the 90th birth anniversary of Pandit CR Vyas . The commemoration has been happening in the city since the last 12 years. This year, the focus will be on vocals — a rare occurrence in the world of music.

Rahul Deshpande
Rahul Deshpande will be one of the artistes performing at the Samaroh

Pandit Suhas Vyas, the organiser of the event shares, “My father Padmashree Pandit CR Vyas was known for his devotion to Classical music. Hence, my younger brother Shashi Vyas, who is the director of Pancham Nishad came up with the idea of such a programme. We have been able to gather famous artistes who have also performed with my father.”

CR Vyas
The event will celebrate CR Vyas's 90th birth anniversary

He added that Pandit CR Vyas despite doing a job that supported the family never missed his daily riyaz at 4 am. Rahul Deshpande who will also be performing at the event says, “This is the first time I am going to perform at this event. Pandit CR Vyas and my grandfather Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande were friends. I will perform old bandish of Pandit Vyas which will add essence to the programme.”

Pandit Suhas Vyas further relates, “Every year we give a chance to upcoming talent. Thus, the event has artistes of varying statures such as Kishori Amonkar, Shubha Mudgal, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Sanjeev Chimmalgi and more.”

On a concluding note, the organiser is glad that the event will take place in the city: “Pune is the hub of Classical music of Maharashtra. People of Pune always attend Classical programmes especially that of a large scale; it’s why we have extended our one-day programme for two days in Pune. We get a full house here, always .”