With Karisma Kapoor's comeback film being his top priority, the cast and crew of his other films are feeling the heat

With all his energies and attention diverted to Dangerous Ishq his project with Karisma Kapoor Vikram Bhatt has barely any time left for his other productions.

Karisma Kapoor and Vikram Bhatt

This has miffed the cast and crew of those films who are feeling left out. One of his productions, Lanka, is ready for release and his lack of presence at such a crucial time has left the cast in a hopeless situation.

Presently, Bhatt is filming with Lolo in Jodhpur. Due to which it is impossible for him to be present in Mumbai or anywhere else for Lanka's promotional events.
Though no one is saying anything openly there are hushed whispers that they are a tad unhappy with Vikram not being around for them.

Presence could help
Says a source, "Usually Vikram even as producer takes an active interest in his projects. But this time he is too tied up with Karisma's comeback.
The Lanka cast and the debutant director Maqbool Khan, they would have certainly done with Vikram's presence at this juncture."

Maqbool has worked as an assistant to Anubhav Sinha. And ironically it is Anubhav who is throwing a bash for Maqbool tonight to celebrate his debut!

About his no show at Lanka's events, Vikram maintains, "I cannot be everywhere at the same time!"