Truly, madly, deeply in love

Crackling chemistry, unabashed affection and rock-solid support — These real life couples share more than mush and romance. On Valentine’s Day, four popular TV jodis share their love stories with CS. From finding the perfect partner ‘on sets’ to surprise gifts and unrevealed idiosyncrasies, read on to know how love made their world go round.

Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerje

Jab We Met  
Gurmeet: Debina was staying as PG with her friend, who happened to be my buddy’s girlfriend. So, whenever I accompanied him to their place, these guys would get busy chatting and we would be left alone. Slowly, we started talking and became friends. Once I couldn’t visit her and missed her a lot. I realised that Cupid had struck!

The proposal
Debina: Gurmeet’s very shy. One day, he called me and spoke to me for three hours at a stretch. At the end, I told him that I knew that he wanted to say ‘I love you’. That was it.

Best and worst
Gurmeet: Debina’s my pillar of support. What I dislike about her is her absolute lack of diplomacy.
Debina: He’s very humble, polite and has the knack of managing people without hurting their feelings. Whenever Gurmeet gets hurt emotionally, he goes into a shell and doesn’t let others know. I don’t like this about him. 

Surprise, surprise!  
Gurmeet: The first bouquet that I got from her in 2005 is my most cherished gift.
Debina: In 2006, he celebrated my birthday right in the middle of the road with band and bajaa.

Vivian DSena and Vahbbiz Dorabjee

Jab We Met  
Vivian: We met on the sets of our TV show. We were shooting in the romantic locales of Panchgani. Within three days of the shoot, I felt that Vahbbiz was my special someone. Thankfully, she, too, felt the same about me. We got engaged within eight months of our meeting and got married soon after. 

The proposal
Vivian: There was no formal proposal as such. We started dating and on the occasion of Dhanteras, I proposed to her.
Vahbbiz: When our families heard about our relationship, they were very happy. As our love got stronger, they suggested that we formalise our relationship. It happened too fast. 

Best and worst
Vivian: She talks straight from the heart. What irritates me is that she gets hyper very fast.
Vahbbiz: Vivian has a lot of warmth and generosity in him. But he’s also a prankster and tends to be moody.

Surprise, surprise!  
Vivian: Once, she gave me a delicious surprise by cooking Tawa Pulao and Paneer Chilli.
Vahbbiz: Last year, he organised a surprise birthday party for me.

Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh

Jab We Met  
Aamir: We met at a common friend’s party. I saw this pretty girl and started chatting up. Initially, we were just friends. After two months, I realised that she was the one for me. 

The proposal
Aamir: When I wanted to propose to her, I went down on my knees with a ring in my hand. I wanted it to be special. So, I took her to a restaurant and popped the question.
Sanjeeda: It was a beautiful moment. Post dinner we went for a walk and suddenly, he went down on his knees. I was happy that he proposed but sad at the same time that I would have to leave my family after marriage.

Best and worst
Aamir: Sanjeeda’s a lovely person with a positive attitude towards life.
Sanjeeda: Aamir’s very genuine. Earlier, I didn’t like a couple of his habits but he has given them up.

Surprise, surprise!
Aamir: Sanjeeda gifted me an expensive watch just after our marriage. She does not believe in the idea of gifting, so the gesture was truly cherished and rare.
Sanjeeda: He once surprised me by landing up in Mauritius where I was shooting.

Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta

Jab We Met   
Ravi: I met her in Delhi during the shoot of a TV serial. Later, both of us shifted base to Mumbai to further our careers. We stayed in touch and gradually become good friends. Slowly, love blossomed.

The proposal
Ravi: There was no formal proposal but I asked for her hand in marriage in a grand manner — on a dance reality show on television before the contestants, judges and viewers.
Sargun: It came as a huge shock. Ravi had even flown in both our parents to witness the special moment. I used to tease him about the fact that he never formally proposed to me, and lo, he proposed and how.
Best and worst
Ravi: Sargun’s very child-like, which is very endearing.
Sargun: He’s quite perfect — loving, caring and trustworthy.

Surprise, surprise!
Ravi: Two years ago, she threw a surprise birthday party for me. I kept wondering how she did it on the sly.  
Sargun: He once organised this beautiful Valentine’s evening for me.

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