Try these tea based cupcakes

Anything to do with tea makes me happy. Being blessed with a sweet tooth, I have often wondered that while coffee is paired with various ingredients to produce delicious desserts, good ’ole tea gets left out.

Earl Gray and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Earl Gray and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Then came the good news. If you love your cuppa, and saccharine too, give your taste buds a heady, edgy twist with delish tea based desserts from Icing on Top.

What's on offer is unique — Masala Chai and Pistachio Financiers that are light and buttery, the Earl Gray and Dark Chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate ganache which melt in the mouth and there’s also Green Tea and Poppy Cookies that are tossed in castor sugar and baked till crisp.

The 25-year-old dessert gourmet, Ayushi Shah, who is the brain behind Icing On Top, believes that these tea desserts can be made at home too, with a bit of care.

She suggests using loose tea leaves and soaking them in boiling water,or cream before using them, if required. Green and black tea imparts a bitter aftertaste if soaked for too long — which will spoil the flavour of your dessert. Keep an eye on the clock while soaking these delicate babies.

So try this yummy version of tea, and then you can try to make them yourself too.

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