Try this innovative musical pillow

For us, two must-haves for a long journey include a fluffy pillow, especially if we’re off on a road trip, and good music.

The iPillow costs Rs 999
The iPillow costs Rs 999

Precisely why we became instant fans of this innovative pillow when we came across it on the online portal, Gabi Life.

Imported from China, this iPillow comes with a built-in speaker and has an aux wire that can be used to connect to your device, be it a phone or an iPod.

The Hindi boxers cost Rs 349
The Hindi boxers cost Rs 349

So, no need to carry your speakers too. We're already dreaming about our next trip with this cutesy contraption as our companion. While at it, we’d also urge you to check out some of the sleepwear sold on this portal.

From funky boxers with Hindi alphabets to 'Yoga bear' featuring on a pair of boxers and even snug slip-ons, there are lots of cool and quirky options for both, boys and girls.

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