TTEs threaten strike over cop's misconduct

Jan 05, 2012, 06:39 IST | Akela

After GRP cop forced TTE to apologise for fining him for ticketless travel, ticket checkers organise protest march at Divisional Railway Manager's office at CST, demand action against cop, others in two days

Following MiD DAY's report on a woman ticket examiner being forced to apologise for fining a ticketless railway cop and returning the penalty money, the ticket checking staff was up in arms against the government railway police (GRP) and the divisional railway manager (DRM) at CST.

We want justice: A TTE reads MiD DAY's story about the incident during
the protest yesterday. Around 100 male and female ticket checkers
participated in the agitation at CST. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

They threatened to go on strike if the department didn't take action against the GRP senior cop and the assistant commercial manager (ACM) for their "arrogance". 

MiD DAY had reported yesterday ('TTE made to apologise, return fine of ticketless cop') how CST GRP's Senior Inspector Surendra Deshmukh was peeved with TTE Meena Salunkhe because she fined him for travelling without a ticket aboard the Deccan Queen. When they train arrived at CST, the inspector, along with colleagues, demanded an apology from her and made her return the money.

'United we stand'
The following day, around 11.30 am, more than 100 TTEs affiliated to the National Railway Majdoor Union (NRMU) organised a protest march to DRM Rahul Jain's office.

"We have given the GRP and the DRM a memorandum asking them to act against Deshmukh and Shekhran in two days' time. Otherwise, we will go on a stop work protest," said Anand Pawale, senior TTE and member of NRMU.

The TTEs have also demanded exempting women TTEs from long train journeys.

Said Jain, "The TTEs have met me. I have forwarded their complaint and demands to the headquarters."
The ticket examiners also shouted slogans against their head Onkar Singh, who "did not side with Salunkhe even though she was just doing her job", as a protester put it.

Singh apologised for the incident.

The other side
"I never insulted Salunkhe. She was the one who insulted me," said Deshmukh. Raj Shekhran was unreachable for comment and Onkar Singh didn't respond to our calls.

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