TV presenter Susanna Reid flirts with David Beckham during an interview

Sep 23, 2015, 08:20 IST | PA Sport

London: Susanna Reid was left fanning herself after quizzing David Beckham about his leap into acting and his daughter's desire to become a footballer.

A video grab of Britain TV presenter Susanna Reid interviewing England's football legend David Beckham. PIC: ITV/PA
A video grab of Britain TV presenter Susanna Reid interviewing England's football legend David Beckham. PIC: ITV/PA 

Grinning throughout the interview for Good Morning Britain, Reid sat back in her seat and joked that it was "hot" under the lights, prompting the star to compliment her dress.

Giggling after the segment, she told co-presenter Kate Garraway she now considers the father of four a "friend".

Different kind of heat
The footballer turned model was being interviewed by Reid about his new role in a short film for motorcycle clothing brand Belstaff when she commented on the heat from the studio lights. "It's blinking hot under these lights, isn't it?" said Reid as she fanned herself.

Beckham replied: "It's very hot. I'm surprised, you've got an amazing dress on and I'm in a t-shirt. "I should have worn the t-shirt," Reid said back.

As they returned to the studio, Garraway seemed envious of the exchange. "What? The room was hot? You've got an amazing dress? Hang on a minute," she said. Reid said that she had met Beckham before and "I consider him a friend now", before explaining her fashion choice.

Susanna Reid. Pic/Getty Images
Susanna Reid. Pic/Getty Images 

"His wife is obviously doing these amazing dresses all the time, I thought I better wear something befitting the occasion when you're interviewing a fashion icon," Reid said. Garraway incredulously replied: "You were nothing but professional but I'm weirdly still bitter."

No Bond role
During the interview, the world's most famous number seven ruled himself out of being the next 007. When Reid mentioned that his name had been floating around as a possibility for the next James Bond, he responded: "No, I have definitely not been contacted, I am definitely not — obviously — up for doing something like that, but it is nice to be linked, I suppose."

Wearing a figure-hugging orange dress, Reid then asked the former England captain if he could do a "Sean Connery" voice, to which he replied: "No." When the footballer then tried to imitate Roger Moore's distinctive eyebrow action, she gushed: "It is like being in the room with him."

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