Twitter adds 're-tweet with comment' feature to let users add more text

Micro-blogging site Twitter has launched a new feature, 're-tweet with comment', which allows users to add a tweet to their own tweets, which let users say more about the original message.

According to reports, this new feature will allow users to add 116 characters of additional commentary to the existing 140-character limit for a quoted tweet.


Previously, Twitter let users embedded quoted tweets by cutting-and-pasting its URL, but 'retweet and comment' lets you do that by just pressing a button.

Users, however, cannot embed the full re-tweet and comment.

The feature is now available on Twitter's site and iPhone app and will soon be available on its Android app.

You can turn your iPhone into a live video feed with this new app from Twitter. The just-released app, called Periscope, allows people to livestream video from their iPhones at the touch of a button.

Periscope would be competing with Meerkat - a similar app that came out a few weeks ago. Both apps are currently only available on the iPhone.

"I was watching a guy walking down the street in Paris and I was like, oh that's pretty cool. Look at the weather in Paris," CTV Ottawa quoted a female user as saying.

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