Twitter removing 140 character limit from Direct Messages

New Delhi: In a major relief to its users, social networking giant Twitter will be removing the constrain of 140 character limit in Direct Messages from July. In order to make this change effective, Twitter has recommended some actions in preparation.

The users will have to review the new API additions. They need to update their GET requests to receive the full length of DM text.


The users will also have to adjust the app UI to accommodate longer DM text. Twitter, in the coming weeks, will update the post to include directions on how to test these changes, as well as a more specific launch date. However, Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters.

Twitter introduced a new feature to share block lists and blocking multiple accounts at a time. The feature is yet another step towards making Twitter safer for everyone and will be available to some of our users starting today and all users in the coming weeks.

To export or import a list of blocked accounts, the users will have to navigate to their blocked accounts settings on and click on the advanced options drop-down menu to select the action they want to take.

To download a list of blocked accounts, the users have to select the export option and confirm the accounts they want to export. The mute and block are tools to help users control the Twitter experience and the service will fulfill the needs of users who experience high volumes of unwanted interactions on Twitter.

The users can also export and share the block lists with people in their community facing similar issues. The feature allows users to import another user’s list into their own account and block multiple accounts all at once.

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