Twitterati slams Arun Jaitley using #ShameOnArunJaitley hashtag

Apr 15, 2015, 12:58 IST | A Correspondent

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was criticised on Twitter on Tuesday for condemning Union minister General V K Singh in an interview to news channel NDTV

Arun Jaitley said that VK Singh could have avoided using the word 'presstitute' while condemning the media. He said that politicians should avoid restrain even if they are criticised by the media.

JaitleyArun Jaitley. Photo: AFP

This statement did not go down well with VK Singh sympathisers who immediately took to Twitter slamming Jaitley using the hashtag #ShameOnArunJaitley

Jaitley also critisised Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut's remark on revoking Muslims' voting rights, saying it was extremely offensive. He added that party members should be responsible in dealing with issues of region, religion, caste, and language.

The Finance minister added that government couldn’t allow its agenda to be hijacked by some irresponsible statements.

Here's what Twitteratis had to say

@anilkapur: Will @arunjaitley withdraw his statement against V K Singh or does he prefer #ShameOnArunJaitley even after this?

@WandererSS6: If @arunjaitley had a bit of respect for his party BJP and PM @narendramodi, he wouldn't go to @ndtv repeatedly. #ShameOnArunJaitley

Chinmaykrvd: Even a donkey would have have won in 2014 wave election but @arunjaitley lost by one and half lakh votes and he preaches #ShameOnArunJaitley

Niraj: Hahaha loser @arunjaitley got the hashtag #ShameOnArunJaitley filtered!!! Big shame on chidambaram's puppy

Ajit Doval: #ShameOnArunJaitley for calling @TwitterIndia and removing his name from Top Trends.Also trying to manipulate people with irrelevant issues

Ashima: #ShameOnArunJaitley who's conspiring with Hawala Media Channel to stab on back of Modiji. U can't even win a LS seat.

Shiv: Remember our primeminister is @narendramodi ji only. Rest are just Ministers only. #ShameOnArunJaitley

Mukesh Pathak: The distrust I see in #ShameOnArunJaitley by BJP supporters is something which has to be addressed by @narendramodi himself.

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