Police have arrested two persons in connection with the murder of a young toll plaza attendant in Gurgaon over payment of toll fee.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner S.S. Deswal said Vijay Veer, a resident of village Kho near the toll plaza, had fired at 22-year-old Umesh Kumar Pandey from point-blank range after an argument over paying Rs. 27 as toll fee.

Vijay Veer was drunk at the time of committing the crime, Deswal said.

The second arrested person has been identified as Vijay's friend Manjeet.

Vijay had sent Manjeet to the crime spot soon after the incident to find out if the toll collector had died or was injured.

Pandey was shot dead on September 23 when he asked for the toll fee from the Bolero owner at Kherki Daula.