Two men about to step into wedded bliss in Bihar were left all alone to nurse a major hangover the next day, but not before their would-have-been brides dumped them for hitting the bottle just before tying the knot.

While one incident took place in Rohtas district’s Khaira village, the other happened in Aurangabad’s Judahi village.

Savita Kumari from Khaira called off her wedding after being informed by friends that her groom was tottering unsteadily and reeking of alcohol before the wedding ceremony on Sunday night.

“I decided not to marry a man who is drunk ahead of the wedding. That was an indicator that he was not a responsible person ,” Savita said.

According to sources in the family, relatives and friends supported her bold decision.

The enraged man approached the police, but was advised against taking any action. “The police have no role if a woman refuses to marry a drunk groom,” a police official from the jurisdictional police station said.

The second incident involving Lalan Singh also happened on Sunday night. Lalan took an equally courageous stand when he called off his daughter’s marriage to a drunk and asked the ‘baraat’ to return.

“The groom was exposed when he came to our house under the influence of alcohol, assaulted some people and threw chairs at women during the pre-wedding rituals,” Lalan said.

The groom’s father, Balram Singh, attempted to see the wedding through by claiming that his son’s friends spiked his soft drink.

“I was adamant not to let my daughter marry a man who was drunk on his wedding night,” said Lalan.