Abu Dhabi: Two Indian women are facing trial in the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of shop-lifting from a garment shop, a media report said.

Last month, the women, aged 20 and 25, allegedly entered the fitting room of the shop in Dubai and stole 10 pieces of garments after removing the security tags and hiding the clothes in their handbags, Emirates 24|7 news reported on Sunday.

They were presented in court on Saturday.

A salesman noticed two customers roaming around the store and picking up some clothes. Then the duo went to the fitting room.

The salesman said when the two came out of the room, they were not holding any garment in their hands.

He checked the fitting rooms for the clothes but could not find them there.

Later, a security person checked their handbags and retrieved 10 garments from them. He found that the women had removed the security tags of the clothes using a scissor.

A complaint of attempted theft was then lodged with the police.

The court will further hear the case on November 15.