Two male comedians bring everyday sexism to stag

Jun 08, 2016, 08:18 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Sexism is casual. It is an everyday phenomenon that makes you a killjoy if you point out. And can you even be funny without being a bit sexist? Two male stand up comics have decided to solve this on stage ,bringing out their own sexism and exposing the social reality as they do so.

Rohan Desai and Adhiraj Singh
Rohan Desai and Adhiraj Singh

The duo, Adhiraj Singh and Rohan Desai claim that they, together have over 50 years of experience in being men and that means they will be taken seriously. "That qualifies us to talk on a lot of subjects. Our deep voices and facial hair impose a dashing and fearsome effect on all those who face us, our testosterone runneth over," Singh says.

The response for their attempt to solve sexism, Desai says, has been very mixed. And their experience with finding sexism among the audience too was interesting.  "At one point in the show, we usually ask a volunteer to step on stage and say something sexist. This one time, we got a guy who absolutely failed at it. He couldn't arrive at anything sexist to say and that in itself became the joke," Desai recalls.

Sometimes, the audience does not get their wit and sometimes, they hate their work. "Our comedy seems to be very divisive. We did a show once at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and two girls came up to us after the show. One wanted to take a picture with us while the other told us to see a psychiatrist. Few days later, someone from the audience looked for us on Facebook, so she could tell us how much she did not enjoy the show and went to give long list of jokes she did not like. From people coming back to watch it again with more friends to people walking out or refusing to even acknowledge us as comedians, we have literally had it all. It's fun though. No complaints," the
duo explains.

On whether men should attempt to solve sexism, Singh says, "Men cause sexism so they should solve it. Asking women to somehow fight sexism to achieve equality themselves without any help from any men is illogical, as illogical as the title of the show. It's like putting someone in a ditch and then saying, sorry, but you'll have to climb out yourself.'"

On June 11, 8.15 pm
At Cuckoo CLub, 5AA, Mc Ronnel's Compound, Pali Hill Road, Bandra (W).
Call 9619962969

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