According to police officers, the brother of a woman he had an affair with could have been involved in the crime

On Friday night, two unidentified men accosted a scrap material trader in Dharavi, stabbing him three times with a knife before firing two rounds of bullets into his chest.

The incident occurred at 90 Feet Road, near the popular Shamiyana Hotel in Dharavi. The victim, Nooruddin Rahamtulla Shaikh, 25, was rushed to Sion Hospital where he was declared dead on admission.

According to sources, the police suspect another Dharavi-resident Abdul Kuddus to be behind the murder. Shaikh had reportedly got into a fight with Kuddus recently.

A police officer requesting anonymity revealed that Shaikh had a criminal record, having been involved in a car theft case. He said, "We think a personal rivalry could be the reason behind the murder. We, however, are also looking at whether an affair with a woman led to the murder."

According to the officer, Shaikh was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman, and her brother did not approve of it.