U.S secretary of State John Kerry says U.S will defend Japan in future conflicts

Washington: In wake of rising tensions between China and Japan, U.S secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly vowed to defend Japan against attacks, even in conflicts involving islands claimed by China and Taiwan.

The secretary of State met in Washington with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and reaffirmed the 1960 treaty that commits the United States to protect its ally.

Following China’s decision to impose an air defense identification zone over much of the East China Sea that required notification from planes crossing the Senkaku Islands, administered by Tokyo, U.S had feared that a conflict was inevitable in November.

The U.S and its allies have expressed concern over China taking a similar action in the South China Sea, where the Philippines in particular has voiced worries about Beijing’s maritime claims, the National reported.

Kerry also said that he planned on visiting China next week.

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