Ulhasnagar cops nab duo running 'parallel govt'

On Monday, Vikas Patil, son of Shiv Sena leader Parashuram Patil, was at Bank of Baroda, Ulhasnagar camp no 5. He noticed a person named Ishwar Patil (25), trying to open a bank account after furnishing a request letter ostensibly from Shiv Sena councillor Pradhan Patil.

Faking it: Choitharam Ahuja was charging Rs 50 for issuing a letter to clients and his agent (right) Ishwar Patil was collecting Rs 250 for the same.

Vikas’s suspicions were aroused and he met the bank manager. When questioned about the letterhead, Ishwar couldn’t provide a satisfactory response. He was then produced in front of Parashuram and Pradhan Patil. The latter rushed to the police station and lodged an FIR against Ishwar, who was arrested, along with accomplice Choitharam Ahuja (55).

One of the letters issued by them

Will fake anything!
Police officials were shocked when they raided the accused’s office near Shivneri hospital. They recovered fake letterheads of more than 15 councillors of different parties from Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Dombivli and Thane. Also found were more than 100 PAN cards and seals.

Choitharam was charging Rs 50 for issuing a letter to clients and his agent Ishwar was collecting Rs 250 for the same. Cops say Ishwar is the son of a schoolteacher and was previously employed in a councillor’s office. He ran a cyber café that was used for printing the letterheads. “We have arrested the accused under sections on cheating and forgery and have recovered more than 500 letterheads of different councillors,” said Ravindra Mhatre, investigation officer, Hill Line police station. 



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