Uncertainty hangs over some Mithibai College students attending exams over attendance woes

Apr 21, 2016, 22:06 IST | Pallavi Smart

Even though the Mumbai University’s third year arts examination are approaching soon, some students at Mithibai College are still uncertain about whether they will be able to appear for papers. These students from the arts stream, of the Vile Parle college have alleged that they sill not be allowed to appear for their final examination due to low-attendance, even though they have genuine reasons to justify their absence.

Around 30 students of the college have complained that the institution is being unnecessarily strict toward them. The students claim that they have valid reasons to justify their absence. While some students have cited medical reasons, some others have claimed how they are the only earning members of the family and had to focus on work.

One of the students said, "In December, I had gone out for a holiday. When I returned I was suffering from food poisoning which led to jaundice. So I could not attend college for the entire month of January. Now when I provided the medical certificate, the college is saying I could have attended in December. How would I know about jaundice in December? When I was diagnosed with jaundice, college was informed about it."

Another student said, "I am the only one earning in my family. My job profile does not have fixed timing. So there are some times when I have missed college."

When contacted, principal of the college, Dr. Rajpal Hande said, "These students have lower than 50% attendance. The colleges do not have authority in this case to grant any medical or extra curricular activity to adjust attendance. Hence we asked them to approach the university. Now the university has taken the decision because these student were nit able to furnish satisfactory justification."

"Recently the commerce students had moved court on the same issue. But their case did not stand and court stated that there is no reason to not attend college and have such low attendance," added Hande.

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