'Underwear bomber' shouts 'Osama is alive' during US court hearing

Sep 15, 2011, 11:15 IST | ANI

A Nigerian man, who is accused of trying to blow up an airliner over the US on Christmas 2009, reportedly shouted "Osama is alive" during the court hearing in the US.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man dubbed as the "Underwear Bomber", was accused of trying detonate explosives hidden in his underwear on a Detroit-bound plane.

According to Fox News, Abdulmutallab shouted "Osama is alive" and "Allah Akbar," during the questioning of potential jurors in his case.

The suspect told District Court Judge that he should not be judged by US law.

"I'm judged by the Koran. Allow me to practice my religion the way I'm supposed to," he added.

On Decemeber 25, 2009 Abdulmutallab boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 253, flying from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Sewn into Abdulmutallab'''s underwear was about 80 grams of pentaerythirtol tetranitrate, or PETN, a powerful explosive.

As the Airbus A330 was about to touch down in Detroit, Abdulmutallab allegedly removed a syringe and tried to ignite the PETN and blow up the aircraft.

Instead of a powerful explosion, however, Abdulmutallab created a small fire, which was extinguished.

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