An unemployed man in Britain has fathered 15 children from 14 different women, and is expected to see the birth of his 16th and 17th offspring in a matter of weeks. His mother has dubbed him a "sexual predator".

Most of the children are, however, being brought up on government benefits, says the Daily Mail.

Jamie Cumming, 34, from Dundee, has already fathered 15 children.

His current lover is 19-year-old Chelsea, while another 19-year-old woman gave birth to Cumming's 15th baby two weeks ago, and a third teenaged girl is expected to give birth to his 17th in January 2012.

Cumming is unable to financially support his children and most of the mothers are also on government benefits.

His mother Lorraine, who does not speak to her son, said she was ashamed of him.

"He's been unemployed for years and shows no sign of wanting to work. We don't speak to each other, and, even though I love him as my child, I am bitterly disappointed with how he lives his life," she said.

Lorraine Cumming was also unhappy about her son's liberal choice of partners.

"It's sad he doesn't see his eldest, Samantha, who I have looked after since she was born. The girls he is running around with just now are not much older than her -- he just loves teenagers," she said. "I would say he is a sexual predator."

Cumming was 17 when Samantha was born in 1995, but once the baby arrived he moved his affections to her mothers Kelly Dulley's cousin. Samantha, now 16, has seen her own mother only twice.

The only woman Cumming has had more than one child with is Alison -- they have three children together.