Even as the Union Budget is scrutinised by financial pundits and political parties, the bottom line lies in how it will affect the common man. So mid-day visited the house of a citizen, Rajesh Mehta, a 45-year-old tax consultant, for an assessment by him and his family members as they watched the Budget announcement live on TV yesterday.

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(From left to right) Devansh, Padma, Rajesh, Naima, Kannan and Harsh. Pic/Rane Ashish

Health insurance for senior citizens had been marginally increased to R1.3 lakh. This is a welcome step, but I feel it should be raised to at least Rs 2 lakh, because medical bills are much higher at private hospitals. – Rajesh’s 84-year-old mother, Padma

As a professional dealing with indirect taxes, my job is to read between the lines when a budget is announced. Overall, I am happy with it, as it is a dream budget for farmers and rural areas. It is also the best time to buy a home due to tax incentives. We were thinking of buying a second car, but with the proposed rise in prices, we might postpone this decision or settle for a second-hand car. – 45-year-old tax consultant Rajesh

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I run the household on a fixed monthly budget, so I am happy that farmers have been offered special packages, as this will bring the prices of vegetables and pulses down. On the other hand, I am fond of purchasing jewellery but might not be able to do it as frequently because of the Excise Duty. I give tuitions to children in the neighbourhood, but with rising expenses, maybe I will request my budget be increased as well. – Rajesh’s wife, Kanan 44

The initiative of the government for registration of a company in a single day will go a long way to boost the economy and create new jobs. Tax benefits to start-ups 100% FDI for the food processing industry is a positive trend too, as I hope to start a food processing and hospitality business. We are now awaiting the GST, as it will ease the taxation format. – Rajesh’s 22-year-old nephew, Devansh

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I am not happy about the increase in the cost of branded clothes. I will shop at Fashion Street or from hawkers at Linking Road instead. – Rajesh’s 15-year-old daughter, Naima

I am a national level TT player, so I’m a bit disappointed there are no exciting packages for the sports community. I’m also concerned about the proposed increase in prices for gadgets. There is a certain amount of peer pressure for all college students to be seen with latest smart phones and other gizmos. Eating out with friends, too, is set to get even costlier. – Rajesh’s 17-year-old son, Harsh