University of Mumbai improves security to prevent paper leaks

Sep 16, 2014, 23:48 IST | A Correspondent

Keeping in mind the series of errors that have marred the examination system conducted by the University of Mumbai over the past couple of years, steps are being incorporated to avoid such goof ups in the future. While the MU already has the Digital Exam Paper Delivery System (DEPDS) in place since 2013, in order to develop further security, MU has now decided to put a watermark on the question papers from the second half of 2014 exams. Name of exam center and the college code will also appear on the question papers.

Apart from this, the paper will be delivered in fully secured inscripted form, with the help of special software and there will be a cloud server for protection against malpractices.

"The strong room in the exam centres will be under CCTV camera surveillance, and all the footages will be handed over to the exam house in a DVD format. Also, exam centre IP address will be monitored from exam house," stated the press statement released by the university late on Tuesday evening.

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