Watch four stellar films at the India Foundation for Arts (IFA) Film Festival that puts the spotlight on unseen narratives of India. From Assam’s mobile theatre to the mundane photo studios in Indian cities — these four films, shown over a span of four days, will take you on a visually appealing journey.

Film Nine Months
A still from the film Nine Months

Supported by the IFA, Nishtha Jain’s City of Photos will inaugurate the film festival. It canvasses photo studios of India as a focal point for people to meet, aspire and get clicked in different avatars and tell their stories through such photos/videos.
On Friday, Shabani Hassanwalia and Sameeran Farooqui’s Out Of Thin Air will take you on a surreal journey in Ladakh. The duo examine the local film movement of the area armed with their camera lens and see the group of people, be it a taxi driver or a grocery store owner, who are making their own films.

 The Other Song searches for a thumri singer from 1934
 The Other Song searches for a thumri singer from 1934

The Nine Months by Merajur Rahman Baruah is slated for Saturday where one can be introduced to Assam’s mobile theatre, its practices, stories, issues and use of a variety of themes starting from Folk to Contemporary.

City of Photos delves on photo studios
City of Photos delves on photo studios

Saba Dewan’s The Other Song will culminate the festival. The film is a quest to find a song that was once recorded by a well-known singer from Varanasi called Rasoolan bai in 1935. She sang a thumri for the Gramophone that still makes echoes in Varanasi, Lucknow and Muzzafarpur, 70 years on. Tarry not, head for it, now.

Till: October 11
At: Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning, Somaiya Bhavan, Fort.

Call: 61702270