UoP to instal transistors on campus to guide visually impaired students

Advanced technology sensors will act as indicators to help blind students access places they want to visit on university premises

The Education Department of the University of Pune (UoP) will soon instal transistors for its visually impaired students on the campus. The department headed by Sanjeev Sonawane will conduct a survey and research on the campus on how visually impaired students can avail of this facility. 

"We have principally agreed to set up this technology with the help of experts. This is being done for the first time in UoP for its visually impaired students, who undergo a lot of trouble asking for directions. We hope this system will make their lives easy," said Sonawane.

The advanced technology sensors will act as indicators for the students and help them access places they would want to visit. The transistors will be put up across all important buildings and destinations, including the library, main building, study rooms, canteens, hostels and other places the students mainly visit. 

The visually impaired students will also be given audible-mobile phones so that they receive signals when they pass any of the buildings that are installed with transistors. These mobile phones will say the name of the place aloud. 

"For example, if they pass the library, the phone will receive a signal and it will inform the student that he is passing the library building," Sonawne said. Though the project will take about two months before it is implemented on a large scale, the department says that the university officials had been discussing it for months after studying how the technology is used in some universities across the country. "We still haven't decided the cost and planning is still in its preliminary stage," Sonawane said.                     

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