US 'Big Brother' to feature first transgender contestant

Jun 18, 2015, 07:44 IST | PTI

Los Angeles: "Big Brother" will feature its first transgender houseguest on this summer's upcoming season.

Audrey Middleton, 25, who was born Adam, will compete in the 17th season of the reality show, reported Variety online.

"Audrey Middleton is a 'Big Brother' super fan who applied online, like many other hopeful houseguests, and was open about her transition in the application process," a CBS spokesperson said.

"It is customary for 'Big Brother' houseguests to share personal news inside the house, and Audrey plans to discuss her story with the houseguests in her own words during the premiere episode on Wednesday, June 24." the spokesperson added.

Middleton, a digital media consultant, hails from a small Georgia town. According to her biodata on CBS' website, she is a former competitive swimmer and MMA Ring Girl who loves to dress up and "look fabulous head-to-toe, but also isn't afraid to get dirty."

"I think that I'm bringing in a very versatile perspective of a character that hasn't been brought before," Middleton said in her introduction video for the show.

When asked how she'll be perceived by America during the new season, she added, "I think there's a chance I could be a misunderstood hero, but I'm going to be a hero."

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