US gurudwara gunman sported 9/11 tattoo

The man who went on a killing spree at a gurudwara in a Milwaukee suburb, leaving six people dead, sported a 9/11 tattoo on one arm, said witnesses.

Law enforcement personnel outside the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin . Photo: AFP

Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka, a member of the congregation who was not at the gurudwara at the time of the shooting, helped police interview witnesses.

He said the attacker was as a bald, white man, who wore a white T-shirt and black pants. The killer had a 9/11 tattoo on one arm, which "implies to me that there's some level of hate crime there", Kaleka was quoted as saying.

A law enforcement official said the shooter was wearing a white T-shirt, but did not have a bullet-proof vest.

Kaleka said the man opened fire in the parking lot, "then entered into the temple and proceeded to open fire".

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