US man bites girlfriend's ear, beheads her cat

Boyfriend loses temper during a vodka-fuelled argument about their relationship

Minnesota: A man has been arrested on a $1-million bail after he allegedly bit off his girlfriend’s ear and beheaded her cat in two separate incidents.

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Michael Trudeau, 51, was arrested last week, after police in Chaska responded to a domestic abuse charge at an apartment complex. Officers found a 42-year-old woman covered in blood cowering in a corner of the lobby.

The victim told the police that she had been dating Trudeau for two years, and that he had assaulted her during a vodka-fuelled argument about their relationship.

“Trudeau allegedly choked the victim, slammed her head into the ground, and tried to shove an umbrella down her throat,” the police said. The victim told the police that Trudeau told her he was a former Marine, and said, “I’m trained to kill the enemy. You’re the enemy.”

When the woman tried to defend herself by biting Trudeau’s finger, he allegedly bit off her ear and spat it out in front of her.
Doctors said that they were unable to reattach the severed part of her ear. The victim told officers that three weeks earlier, the suspect had choked her cat until it died and then removed its head with kitchen scissors. At the time of his arrest, Trudeau refused commands to put his hands up.

He told officers he wanted them to shoot him. Trudeau has been charged with first-degree assault, terrorist threats and mistreatment of animals. Previously, he was sentenced to two years probation in 2012 for assaulting his wife and also received 30 days in jail in 2006 for killing a puppy.

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