US Muslim outraged after getting burger with 'Happy 9/11' greeting on box

Sep 16, 2011, 15:24 IST | ANI

A Texas restaurant reportedly served a Muslim customer a burger with a disturbing '9/11 greeting' written on a take-out box

According to the Daily mail, Tarek Ghalayani went to Petrol Station, a Houston, Texas bar with a friend, where he received a burger with a message that read 'Happy September 11th' with a plane flying into two towers.

Shocked by the eatery's behaviour, Ghalayani wrote about his experience on the popular review site

"Within earshot, [the bartender] called my friend and I "a**holes" for complaining about what he clearly thought was funny," Ghalayani wrote.

"Go there if you want a good burger, but know that you're dealing with people who have no regard for you or what it means to be in this country," he wrote.

"Some things are still sacred, and making light of the day that 3,000 innocent people lost their lives and being unapologetic about it is, in my view, a bit much," he added.

Ghalayani said that he demanded a refund, which he got from the manager, but he didn't receive any apology or explanation for the disturbing action.

He also said he could hear someone behind the bar repeating 'Allahu Akbar,' a phrase that has also been heard by Islamic extremists in several terror attacks.

But later, bar's owner, Ben Fullelove, who was present at the time of the incident, formally apologized, prompting Ghalayani to update his post.

Fullelove said his employees would be receiving sensitivity training as a result of the incident.

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