US President Obama visits flooded, storm-hit New Jersey

US President Barack Obama has toured the flood-ravaged streets of Wayne and Paterson in New Jersey, to see the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene.

Obama said, "The main message that I have for all the residents, not only of New Jersey, but all those communities that have been affected by flooding, by the destruction that occurred as a consequence of hurricane Irene is that the entire country is behind you."

US President Barack Obama shakes hands with residents as he tours through the devastation left by Hurricane Irene with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in Wayne, New Jersey. President Obama straddles a puddle and surveys the damage promising residents federal aid no matter what.

He added, "And we are going to make sure that we provide all the resources that are necessary in order to help these communities rebuild."

Obama pledged that he won't allow "Washington politics" to get in the way of bringing federal help for the Atlantic Coast where affected by Irene.

The president walked in a residential area in Wayne, which was hit hard by the flooding of the Pompton River, which flows into the Passaic.

More than 100 people had to be rescued from the rising waters after the storm. The Passaic left debris and muddy water stains on buildings and homes across Paterson.

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