US Prez serenades New York crowd

Jan 21, 2012, 09:56 IST | Agencies
Barack Obama took a brief and unexpected turn as an R&B vocalist at a fundraiser, belted out a line from Al Green's famous song Let's stay together

If US President Barack Obama does find himself out of a job later this year he could always try a new career -- singing.The US President proved he could hold a tune after crooning Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' at a fundraiser in New York.

Crooner-in-Chief: People in the audience started clapping when US
President Barack Obama started singing the first line of the Al Green
classic. pic/AFP

He then joked that he hadn't been ushered offstage. It happened at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem late Thursday, when Obama stepped to the podium and veered from prepared remarks to thank Green for warming up the crowd.

Obama suddenly launched into 'Let's Stay Together,' warbling "I, I'm so in love with you" -- complete with vibrato. He stopped to laughter and applause, and remarked that his staff didn't believe he'd do it. Obama's crowd-pleasing performance came on a night when he talked up his administration's record on issues such as healthcare, job creation and the end of the Iraq war.

Thanking his campaign supporter, he warned against complacency in the 2012 election year. He said, "It shouldn't make you satisfied, because everything we did over the last three years is now at stake in this election."

"America is not going to win if we do the same things, he added. Obama reached New York late in the evening for the fund-raising event after a hectic day that took him from Washington to Florida to Disneyland.

While at Disneyland, he said his two daughters would envy him for being there. "It is great to be here. It is rare that I get to do something that Sasha and Malia envy me for," Obama said at the top of his remarks as he announced his new tourism policy yesterday.

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