Beijing: China yesterday described the joint military drill between the US and South Korea as an act of “sabre-rattling”, saying the situation was a bit explosive and could spell disaster.

Wang Yi. Pic/AFP
Wang Yi. Pic/AFP

A day after North Korea warned of a nuclear attack against the US, which began its largest-ever military exercise with South Korea in the divided peninsula, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it will not allow the stability in the region to be disrupted.

‘Potential disaster’
“At the moment there is some sabre-rattling on the Korean Peninsula and the situation is a bit explosive. If the tensions worsen or even get out of control, there would be a disaster for all parties,” Wang said in an oblique reference to the joint drill, which began on Monday. “As the largest neighbour of the peninsula, China will not sit back and see a fundamental disruption to stability on the peninsula,” he added.

On implementing the UN resolution, which calls for the toughest sanction on Pyongyang to date over its nuclear programme, Wang said that China had the “obligation and ability to implement all the resolution passed by the Security Council”.

Not backing NK nukes
Meanwhile, in a rare public display of annoyance towards North Korea, Wang also said China will not support its reclusive ally’s pursuit to acquire nuclear weapons and missiles but will provide security assistance if war breaks out in the Korean peninsula.