US seeks military presence in Mideast: Iranian leader

Tehran: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Monday said the US seeks to expand its military presence in the Middle East region by declaring war on the Islamic State (IS) militants.

Khamenei made the remarks after he was discharged from hospital following a successful prostate surgery, Press TV reported.

The leader described as "absurd, hollow and biased" remarks made by US officials regarding the formation of an international coalition comprising 10 Arab states to battle IS.

Khamenei noted that there was ample evidence of US officials' contradictory allegations with regard to inviting Iran to the ongoing international summit in Paris, aimed at countering the rising threat of IS.

He further hailed the efforts made by the Iraqi nation and army in battling the IS terrorists, noting that it was the Iraqi army, and not the Americans, who crushed the militants in Iraq.

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