US set fire to equipment before leaving Pakistan airbase

Dec 12, 2011, 11:41 IST | IANS

US personnel set fire to all their redundant equipment before vacating Pakistan's Shamsi airbase that had been used to launch drone attacks, an official said.

The US completed evacuation of the airbase Sunday and Frontier Corps personnel promptly took over.

A security official told the daily Dawn that US forces had left virtually nothing there and they set all their redundant and useless equipment on fire before leaving.

Pakistan had set a Dec 11 deadline for the US to vacate the airbase after NATO helicopter gunships targeted two border posts in Mohmand Agency Nov 26, killing two dozen soldiers and sparking outrage in the country.

The US has been using the Shamsi airbase for nearly a decade for military operations in Afghanistan and drone strikes in Pakistan's mountainous tribal regions.

US troops started vacating the base last week and had removed the control system used for drone attacks in the first phase.

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