US state worker sends e-mail offering prize to 'girl with biggest breasts'

Feb 13, 2012, 10:51 IST | Agencies

A state worker in the US is facing disciplinary action after he sent an official e-mail to hundreds of recipients, offering a prize for the girl with the biggest breasts.

The e-mail was distributed by an employee of the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID), which has been searching for people to honour at an upcoming tornado safety conference, the Daily Mail reported. But many were mortified to discover the Insurance Commissioner's award would be presented to the "girl with the biggest t*ts."

The category was meant to be for outstanding contributions to the insurance industry in tornado preparedness. The OID apologised to women across the state yesterday for what it described as an "unauthorised draft" of the e-mail, but did not reveal exactly how the lewd comment ended up in the message.

According to Tulsa World, Insurance Commissioner John Doak said the situation was "highly embarrassing." Department spokesman Glenn Craven said that the e-mail, which contained "offensive and unacceptable language", was traced to a staff member who was deeply apologetic.

The agency did not identify the staffer, but said disciplinary action was being taken against them. "This e-mail was not vetted through the normal process and neither the Insurance Commissioner nor any supervisory staff was aware of the distribution," Craven said in a statement.

"This e-mail was traced to a staff member who has accepted full responsibility and is deeply apologetic." The agency sent a second "corrected and authorized" e-mail about 20 minutes later, saying the award would be given next month to someone who made outstanding contributions to the insurance industry in tornado preparedness. Around 45 minutes after that, the department sent a third e-mail with an apology.

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