Usain Bolt upset over Rodgers' comments

The US led slightly from the second leg with Rodgers, but the exchange with Rakieem Salaam and Justin Gatlin wasn’t the best, reports CMC.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

It was the error in the exchange that prompted Rodgers to say: “We would have won today. I think we would have won, they know it, I think we gave away a gold medal today,” said Rogers.

However, Bolt, the biggest name in track and field,¬†objected to Rodgers statements.¬†“They couldn’t have said that, they couldn’t have said that,” Bolt repeated four times while shaking his head.

“They were like two metres in front of me, I have been in the worst position running from my blocks and won. I wasn’t worried any at all about USA beating us because I was confident in my team and I know if my guys didn’t bring it to me leading, It would be close,” Bolt added.¬†

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